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The Ultimate B2B Sales Machine

Watch this training and see the simple 3-step outbound process that automates the process of generating predictable leads and sales for your B2B company.

The Ultimate B2B Sales Machine is unlike any other program you’ve seen.

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The Ultimate B2B Sales Machine is unlike any other program you’ve seen.

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  • 2
    • The Flight Plan
    • Sales Lies, Noise, & Focus
    • Billionaire Planning
    • Money Map Calendar
    • Value Ladders
    • Value Ladder Worksheets
    • 8th Wonder of The World
    • Predictable Revenue
    • Cold Prospecting ROI Calculator
    • The 100% Rule
  • 3
    • Market Recognition
    • Market Recognition Worksheets
    • Brand story
    • Start With Why
    • Mission, Vision, & Values
    • Signature Process
    • Signature Process Worksheet
    • Mind Control Messaging Cold Email Part 1
    • Mind Control Messaging Cold Email Part 2
    • Cold Email Playbook - The Ultimate B2B Sales Machine - Over 30 Evergreen Swipe Files
    • Mind Control Messaging for LinkedIn Part 3
    • Mind Control Messaging for LinkedIn Part 4
    • How to ask for LinkedIn Recommendations
    • LinkedIn Sales Outreach Playbook - The Ultimate B2B Sales Machine - Over 20 Evergreen Swipe Files
  • 4
    • Cold Email Automation
    • Cold Email Automation Homework
    • Cold LinkedIn Automation
    • LinkedIn Automation Homework
    • How to save loads of time with communication
    • How to automate your calendar bookings
    • Retargeting Automation - Part 1
    • Retargeting Automation - Part 2
    • Retargeting Automation - Part 3
    • Retargeting Homework
    • Offline Automation - Part 1 - SMS Text Messaging Automation
    • SMS Sales Playbook
    • Offline Automation - Part 2 - Ringless Voicemail Automation
    • Ringless Voice Messages Playbook
    • Offline Automation - Part 3 - Lumpy Mail
    • Lumpy Mail Playbook
    • Offline Automation Homework
  • 5
    • Two-Call Closure Method - Part 1
    • Two-Call Closure Method - Part 2
    • The Audition Call Script
    • Two-Call Closure Method - Part 3 - The 10 Minute Amplifier
    • Automate Your Calendar Bookings
    • Two-Call Closure Method - Part 4
    • The Closure Script
  • 6
    • How to answer "Not Interested" replies from outreach efforts
    • How to deal with ANY objection
    • Commission Breath & Scaling Sales Teams
    • ABCs of Social Selling and a Quick Sales Navigator Tutorial
    • How to Write Engaging LinkedIn Content Quickly

Why Buy This Course?

  • Over 100 Proven ‘Fill-in-the-Blank’ cold outreach templates. Literally, you can cut and paste and be up and running in 1-day with these templates.

  • Learn to leverage AI-assisted technology saving your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in SDR costs.

  • Learn how you can get over 1 million views per year on your LinkedIn content turning you into an influencer in your niche.

  • Discover how you can get all your content created for free by your ideal clients.

  • Why gating your content is so 2015 and what you should do instead.

  • What NEVER to do when reaching out to the Fortune 100 companies.

  • Get the exact scripts to show you how to close sales with only two calls. It’s called the Two-Call Closure Method™.

  • Little known sales secrets that can steer you and your sales time into tremendous profits.

  • What you must do when you get any sales objection so that the client sells themselves into your program.

You Also Get Access To Our Community

When you sign up for The Ultimate B2B Sales Machine course you also get access to a private Facebook community where you can network with like-minded individuals and get access to more insider secrets.  Get feedback on your strategies and ask questions from people with 10+ years of experience. The information in this group smashes most of those $2000 courses.

Social proof: testimonials

“Matthew is the real deal. He helped us develop unique sales strategies and really unlock the potential of sales automation. Not only does he provide innovative tools but he also brings a refreshing methodology and system that drives results. He’s generous with providing advice, content and insights that provide tremendous value. If you’re looking to work with Matt, you won’t regret it.”

Martin PerronMartin Perron

“I had the classic feast and famine experience in my business, that was until I implemented the Automation Wolf program with Matthew. Now I have consistent leads coming in every single month, week, and day. I've closed several deals and it feels great to have predictable revenue in my business. I highly recommend anyone who has a B2B business and wants to scale their sales to check out Matthew's program.”

Adam ReveszAdam Revesz

“I've learned more in the first few sessions of course, than I did from consultants whom I paid over 10k for intensive workshops. The videos take very important concepts, such as defining your market, your brand story and "signature process", all of which can be complicated and time consuming to deliver, and packages them into easy to use worksheets that produce quick outcomes. Honestly, these tools kind of blew my mind, and they showed me how some obstacles can be quickly solved, and scaled. As the icing on top, its obvious Matt speaks from experience. He's well on the pulse of digital outreach and sales.”

Mitchell CallahanMitchell Callahan

The Ultimate B2B Sales Machine is unlike any other program you’ve seen.

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